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SDK Center is the place where find documentation, libraries and software to develop custom applications using AirQ Networks hardware platform.

Documentation and software will be released step by step as long as it will be available.

Please, take note that this section is addressed to software developers. If you are looking for hardware description of our devices, please refer to the Main Page of this wiki.

Development blog

We have recently opened a blog dedicated to integrators and developers. On this blog will be published only information related to development of software that uses AirQ Networks products. We strongly encourage to subscribe it. Development blog can be reached at

The sNET Protocol

AirQ Networks designed and developed a proprietary wireless network protocol. This protocol, named sNET, is actually the protocol used by wireless sensors and control boards to exchange messages wirelessly.

Understanding and using sNET Protocol is the document that describes "low-level" aspects of the wireless protocol designed by AirQ Networks. Developers can use a transceiver (AirQ 190 or AirQ ShielD) and this documentation to build adapters, which interface our sensors and control boards.

Besides the general description of the SNET Protocol, it's necessary to understand how each specific device works. This is the list of the sNET documentation for each AirQ Networks device:

AirQ 101 - wireless temperature sensor (covers both AirQ 101 and AirQ 101-EXT)
AirQ 121 - wireless temperature datalogger (covers AirQ 121/122 and AirQ 121/122-EXT)
AirQ 110 - wireless humidity sensor
AirQ 111 - wireless humidity and temperature sensor
AirQ 300 - wireless control board with 4 opto-isolated inputs and 2 relay
AirQ 310 - wireless control board with 6 relays
AirQ RNG - wireless range extender (signal repeater)

AirQ ShielD

AirQ Networks has designed a shield for the popular Arduino UNO platform. This shield will allow to use our wireless sensors and control boards with Arduino. Arduino enthusiasts will find this shield really useful to develop their own solutions :-).

AirQ ShielD will be released by the end of February 2013 at a really competitive price. Moreover, we are developing a library that will simplify the development process of new sketchs. This library will be released on our public git hub repository with a LGPL compatible licence.

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