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sNET Address classes as february 2013
AirQ 101 101.x.x.x AirQ 101 wireless temperature sensor
AirQ 101-EXT 101.2.x.x AirQ 101 wireless temperature sensor with external probe
AirQ 121/122 121.x.x.x AirQ 121 wireless temperature datalogger
AirQ 110 110.x.x.x AirQ 110 wireless humidity sensor
AirQ 111 111.x.x.x AirQ 111 wireless humidity and temperature sensor
AirQ 112 112.x.x.x AirQ 112 wireless humidity datalogger
AirQ 300 3.x.x.x AirQ 300 control board with 2 relays and 4 inputs
AirQ 305 5.x.x.x AirQ 305 control board with 4 relays and 4 inputs
AirQ 310 4.x.x.x AirQ 310 control board with 6 relays
AirQ RNG 1.x.x.x AirQ RNG range extender (signal repeater)
AirQ ShielD 192.x.x.x AirQ ShielD Arduino UNO compatibile shield
AirQ 200 191.x.x.x AirQ 200 control unit
AirQ 190 190.x.x.x AirQ 190 USB transceiver
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